måndag 2 februari 2009

Sovjetunionen 80-tal! Vilken inspirationskälla!

Dessa underbara klänningar har jag haft när jag var liten. Vilken tur att min mamma sparade så många! Vilka tyger, vilka modeller! Haha! Här kan man inspireras....
My old dresses that my mother brought from Ukraine! What an inspiration!!

3 kommentarer:

frost sa...

Hejsan hej!
I know Swedish enough to be able to read -writing is more of a challenge! Thanks for "inviting" me over! Very cute pants and hat! And your old dresses - adorable! And very inspiring, too!
I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to sew anything or udate my blog, but there's always time to have a look at other peoples' blogs.
I'll be back regurarily!

Äppel Päppel sa...

Helt underbara klänningar! VIlken inspirationskälla! Ska lägga till din blogg i min blogglista!

Botilda sa...

Vilken klänningsskatt! Vad roligt att du visar upp dem.

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